I’m Up.

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The I’m Up mobile application provides freedom and peace of mind through a daily check in service for people who live alone and want to let their loved ones know that they are ok.


I’m Up gives independence with a sense of security.

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Live independent with the security that I’m Up provides.

Peace of Mind.

Know that with I’m Up your pets will not be alone for long.


Stay connected with loved ones through the click of a button.

How I’m Up Works

I’m Up is a quick and easy to use daily check in service!

I’m Up app lets families know their loved ones are up and active!
Singles that live alone can let someone know they are UP!

Peace of mind is this easy.

What is I’m Up?

I’m Up is a simple and easy to use application for people of all ages who live alone or need to check in a loved one daily.

Call Notification System.

Daily check in app that would send a text to your loved ones the moment you check into the app. I’m Up will help with people check in and notify their loved ones that they are up and ok.

Free User Version

The User signs up, sets a check-in time and sets up an emergency contact. The User gets a push notification to remind them to check in. If they don’t, their emergency contact gets a text message to check on them.

Premium Version $4.99 a Month

User can avail of multiple check in times, set up multiple emergency contacts, get multiple push notifications, and finally gets a call from our call center to check on the User, and finally a call to the local emergency services for a wellness check.

All Features

  • Register Emergency Contacts
    • Call Notification System
      • I’m Up Estate Directory
      • Register Pets

      Trial Version


      • Single Emergency Contact
      • One Push Notification to User
      • on non-check in : One text message to emergency contact

      Premium Version


      Per Month
      • Multiple Emergency Contacts for the whole family
      • Three push notifications to remind user to check in
      • Call to the User on Non Check in
      • Call to Emergency Services on Non Check in

      Security for your pets.

      I’m Up.Premium Features

      • Daily
        Check In.

        Simply push the I’m Up button daily to notify your contact.

      • Monitored

        I’m Up monitors your account, and will follow up with a call or wellness check if need be.

      • Pet

        Store important information about your pet.

      • I'm Up Estate

        List important contacts involving your estate.


      In 2012, David’s wife, Paula moved out of their home to a memory care facility. His children lived in different parts of the country and he had never felt more alone in his life.

      After a long nine year battle with Alzheimer’s, Paula passed in 2016. This was when the seed for the idea behind I’m Up was planted.

      Having worked in the life insurance business for most of his lifetime, David was aware of the various pitfalls of aging. But Paula’s passing was what truly got him thinking about the various aspects of living alone as you age.

      His Border Collies were his closest companions and couldn’t help but wonder who would care for them should he not wake up one day. Worse still, what if it was days or weeks before his kids found out?

      There had to be a simpler way.

      Why we need I'm Up?

      Nearly ½ of women 75 years or older live alone. Between 2015 and 2030, the number of Americans 65 years and older will rise 50% to approximately 72 million individuals. Almost half of U.S. adults are now single. Americans are waiting longer to get married, they’re having smaller families, and about half of all marriages still end in divorce. Most of these individuals live alone or live with their loved ones in other states with no one to check on them every day. Family members provide the majority of social support for most older adults, but not all individuals have living family. Those without living close kin report higher rates of loneliness and experience elevated risks of chronic diseases and nursing facility placement. World Health Organization estimates the global population of people over 60 to reach 1.2 billion in 2025.

      Partner with US

      • Sign Up as an Agent

        Sign Up as a Partner with I’m Up We have a simple commission model. We give you an Agent Code.

      • $1 Commission Paid Per User

        The agent gets $1 per month for the lifetime of the User. We reconcile the accounts at the end of the month and make payments to the Agents.

      • Contact Us Today

        Contact Us today for your agent code. hello@imupapp.com


      David Coffman


      Having worked in the life insurance business for most of his lifetime, David was aware of the various pitfalls of aging.